About The Syrian Transition Project
The Project is an initiative intended to spur thinking regarding the reconstruction of Syria and the future social, economic, political and security transitions which are likely to accompany it as Syria attempts to determine "what's next" after the Assad regime falls (or doesn't). The Syrian Transition Project is non-partisan and does not seek to advocate any particular vision for the future of Syria -- that right and opportunity belong to the Syrian people. However, we do believe that talking, discussing and sharing ideas can only help with whatever may come.

We hope this site facilitates the exchange of ideas regarding a number of different topics, including:
  • Peacebuilding and reconciliation;
  • Public administration reform;
  • Social and economic development;
  • Humanitarian assistance provision;
  • Governance and democratisation;
  • Security sector reform;
  • The protection of human rights;
  • The strengthening of regional cooperation; and
  • The promotion of aid effectiveness.
While not promoting any particular approach or ideology, we hope that those engaging with the Project understand the mis-steps that have previously been made during transition processes in other countries. We believe it is also crucial to accept the principle of "working with what exists" and understanding that international assistance and other forms of support are not dealing with a blank slate but are instead taking place amidst a complex, nuanced and historically-situated context.

The project is independent and operated by researchers and does not represent the interests, policies or objectives of any government, political movement, military, company or other institution.

About the Post-war Reconstruction & Development Unit, University of York

The PRDU is an international centre of excellence for the study of conflict-affected societies and their recovery. Since its establishment in 1992, the PRDU has evolved into a world leader and our staff have significantly influenced post-conflict reconstruction policies by linking theory and practice.

The PRDU offers:
  • Postgraduate degree programmes in Post-war Recovery Studies and Humanitarian Affairs;
  • Training programmes for practitioners and policymakers both in the UK and in conflict-affected countries; and
  • Applied research for UN agencies, government institutions, NGOs and many others.